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Cathy Christensen
Cathy Christensen & Associates, P.C.
2929 NW 138th St
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73134
Phone: 405-752-5565

–Lawrence Goodwin
Lawrence Goodwin, P.C.
1315 N Shartel
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103
Phone: 405-605-7771

Amy Howe 
Echols and Associates 
9925 S Penn Ave
Ste 100 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73159 
Phone: 405-691-2648                     

–Ashley D. Rahill
Rahill Law Firm, PLLC
7100 N. Classen Blvd
Ste 330
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116
Phone: 405-286-9619

–Donelle H. Ratheal
Ratheal & Associates, PC
PO Box 1356
Clinton, Oklahoma 73601
Phone: 405-842-6352

Tamra A. Spradlin
Tamra A. Spradlin, P.C.
4117 NW 122nd
Ste B
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
Phone: 405-752-6000

-Phillip J. Tucker
The Tucker Law Firm
P.O. Box 601
Edmond, Oklahoma 73083-0601
Phone: 405-348-1789