We are in the process of reviewing the 2020 Nominee Packets and are still accepting nominations. Please return soon to see the 2020 results for the American Institute’s 10 Best.

–Adam Carroll
Adam Carroll, Legal PC
1878 E. 15th St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104
Phone: 918-992-5220

–Matthew Day
Parsons, Graham & Day
525 S. Main St.
Ste 300
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103
Phone: 417-389-1486

–Kyle Endicott
9925 S. Pennsylvania Ave.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73159
Phone: 405-691-2648

–Lawrence Goodwin
Lawrence Goodwin, P.C.
1315 N Shartel
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103
Phone: 405-605-7771

–Ashley Rahill
Rahill Law Firm, PLLC
7100 N. Classen Blvd
Ste 330
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116
Phone: 405-286-9619

–Kelly A. Smakal
Smakal Munn, P.C.
320 S. Boston Ave.
Ste 718
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103
Phone: 918-582-3400

–Tamra Spradlin
Tamra A. Spradlin, Attorney at Law
3428 NW 178th
Edmond, Oklahoma 73012
Phone: 405-752-6000

-Phillip J. Tucker
Tucker Law Firm
16721 Sunny Hollow Rd
Edmond, Oklahoma 73012