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-To assist potential new clients to find the Top 10 Attorney in their area, Attorneys are listed by region, area, or city for this State.

–William Brady, Jr.
Brady Law Firm, P.A.
100 Almeria Ave.
Ste 360
Coral Gables, Florida 33134
Phone: 305-358-7688

–Natalie Lemos
Leinoff & Lemos
7301 SW 57th Court
South Miami, Florida 33143
Phone: 305-661-1556

–Andrew Leinoff
Leinoff & Lemos
7301 SW 57th Court
Coral Gables, Florida 33143
Phone: 305-661-1556

–Rafael J. Oropesa, Esq.
Rafael J. Oropesa, Attorney at Law
1840 West 49 Street, Suite 503
Ste 203
Destin, Florida 33012
Phone: (305) 821-6060

–Raymond Rafool
Rafool LLC
2665 S Bayshore Dr.
Ste 1204
Miami, Florida 33133
Phone: 305-567-9400