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-To assist potential new clients to find the Top 10 Attorney in their area, Attorneys are listed by region, area, or city for this State.

–Bill Bianco
2426 S. 179th St.
Omaha, Nebraska 68130
Phone: 402-933-2477

–Anne Breitkreutz
Dornan Troia Howard Breitkreutz & Conway
1403 Farnam St.
Ste 232
Omaha, Nebraska 68102
Phone: 402-884-7044

–Joshua A. Johnson
Conway, Pauley & Johnson, PC
P.O. Box 315
Hastings, Nebraska 68902-0315
Phone: 402-462-5187

–Michael Kennedy
Kennedy Law Firm
11235 Davenport St.
Ste 100
Omaha, Nebraska 68154
Phone: 402-513-3630

–John J. Kohl
John Kohl Law Firm
7602 Pacific St.
Ste 102
Omoha, Nebraska 68114
Phone: 402-498-4400

–Jane Langan Mach
Rembolt Ludtke LLP
1128 Lincoln Mall
Ste 300
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
Phone: 402-475-5100