Rania Arwani gained her B.B.A. in Finance at the University of Texas at Arlington. After relocating to Florida, Rania attended Barry University School of Law where her commitment to family law took root. Rania acted as a Research Assistant at Barry University School of Law and a Certified Legal Intern for the Children and Families Clinic.

She has trained with the Florida Center for Child Welfare to handle a variety of family law matters, including domestic violence, substance abuse and sexual abuse of children. Prior to co-founding the Arwani Law Firm, Rania was a Certified Legal Intern with the State Attorney’s Office in the Ninth Judicial Circuit in Orange County where she gained valuable courtroom experience.
As the manager of the family law division at the Arwani Law Firm, Rania is dedicated to protecting the rights of parents and children.

The experiences I have had working with clients facing family law related issues have taught me that family law is a unique and very delicate area of law. Representing and advocating for clients facing divorce, domestic violence or issues related to children solidified my passion for family law. In advocating on behalf of our clients, I strive to guide them through what could be the most challenging time of their lives.

Knowledge is power and I do not only provide legal advices, but I also educate clients and help them choose the process they wish to pursue either the collaborative method or the traditional litigation process. I take pride in covering all the details that give individuals going through a family law related issue ,the confidence and peace of mind as we move forward.

People going through a family law disputes need a smooth transition and financial guidance during what could be the most difficult times in their life. What motivates and drives me are having the opportunity to witness their success in moving forward while protecting their legal rights . My background in finance gives me unique perspective when it comes to disputes that involve complex property division due to high assets, family-owned businesses and internationally owned properties.

Rania focus her practice to family law exclusively, preparing pre-nuptials, for people anticipating marriage, assisting clients going through a divorce, volunteering as guardian ad litem— defending and protecting the future of children and families in need are the cornerstone that has built her career.